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Terms of Sale

Window coverings bought from Apartment B, LTD are custom made to your submitted measurements and specifications. All purchases made on www.apartment-b.com need to be paid in whole at the transaction of sale. Due to the customization of our window treatments, Apartment B, LTD will not allow a customer to cancel an order nor can we accept returns of product unless it is approved in writing by Apartment B, LTD


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Error Disclaimer

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Product Responsibility

The responsibility of product shipped from Apartment B, LTD is passed to the customer once Apartment B, LTD delivers the product to the transportation carrier.


Apartment B, LTD does not offer warranties for our product. Each window treatment is quality tested before it is shipped and is expected to have an average product life.

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Product Use

Our window coverings are handmade and crafted with the highest internal quality standards, as well as complying with industry quality standards. Customers of product from www.apartment-b.com agree to install and use at their own risk.